Asian Music Review | Asian voices matter

Deeply touching and truly timeless

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Joanna’s interpretation of the 1949 classic “You’re Breaking My Heart” is true gold! Her voice is intimately captured with a dreamy and rare vintage sound. I quickly got serious tingles as Joanna sings mostly at a gentle whisper along with a lush orchestral accompaniment.

It's breaking my heart to remember
The dreams we depended upon
You're leaving a slow dying ember
I'll miss you, my love, when you're gone

This particular story of lost love is devastating.

The sound is calming while the video is chilling to watch. Joanne’s feathery voice makes you want to remember the past and cry. If there’s one person you’ve never gotten over, you know the struggle of having the “one that got away”.  It truly hurts to see someone scarred.

I wish you joy, though teardrops burn
But if some day you should want to return

How much heartbreak pain can you handle?

Joanna intimately embraces every word in this cover of the classic 1949 hit by Vic Damone. She sings with a certain “painful beauty” that makes us remember the real moments of our past relationships.

What really happens when you break someone’s heart?

We are complex yet fragile. Like snowflakes, our human interactions can either melt OR freeze the people we touch. Some are sweetened while others get scarred from a separation. How have you moved on from your biggest breakup? Drop a comment ⬇️.

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