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Heart-wrenching, honest, and full of grace!

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Filipina singer-songwriter…

…and “Queen of Hugot Songs” Moira dela Torre dropped her latest tear-jerking original, “Ikaw at Sila, the fifth track on her upcoming album last January 20, 2023.

“Ikaw at Sila” is Moira’s most heartbreaking song to date. Her delivery is on point, a magnificent storyteller and artist! She can be compared to Taylor Swift whose also known in creating hauntingly beautiful vocal melodies. No wonder she recently won Wish 107.5‘s Artist of the Year and Ballad Song of the Year for her inspirational song, Kumpas.

Revising and combining her originals “Ikaw at Ako” and “Tagpuan” to come up with a painful version “Ikaw at Sila” somehow tells her side of the story of her separation from Jason Hernandez. This single was produced by Migz Haleco and Casey Lagos, with Chris Rosales on keys.

Moira sings from the soul as always, her familiar breathy and expressive delivery transcends to the listeners. She has this unique style in singing with great control and power in her voice. You’ll be amazed on the way she narrates and conveys her emotion in this song.

Her vocals are perfectly placed and blended with the instruments. You’ll be left feeling broken after listening to this track. The song peaked at the Bridge where all the deepest pain and “Why’s” where expressed by Moira. The dropping and raising of the notes beautifully sync with the lyrics.

“Ikaw at Sila” revealed Moira’s unexpected side of the story. The message is clear—it’s our right to fight for our truths.

Nawalan ng saysay
Habangbuhay sumablay
Di ba sabi mo sa ‘kin noon
Wala namang magbabago
Iba palang ibig sabihin mo
Ang dami mo palang tinatago
Ginamit mo lang ba ko

We pray for your true healing Moira. In God’s perfect time, love will find you again.

We’re all looking forward to your upcoming album! Can’t wait for this song to top all music charts and gain following in all parts of the world.

Congratulations also on your successful concert held last February 3 at Araneta Coliseum.

Stream ‘Ikaw at Sila’ here:

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