Lorelei Manligoy swoons our hearts with her latest single, “To Love You”

Asian Music Review | Asian voices matter

Romantic and full of grace!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Welcome to Asian Music Review! Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

I’m Lorelei, born and raised in Trento Agusan del Sur, Philippines, but is now residing in Florida. I was 13 when I wrote my first composition. I’ve been writing random thoughts since then. I grew up listening and watching my Papa sing and play his guitar and keyboards. He inspired me to learn it as well.

Music is my passion. I love listening to Michael Jackson songs and OPM (Original Filipino Music). It influenced me to develop a similar style of writing and singing. I’m also into ballads since I’m a certified hopeless romantic.

It took me years to release my first single. It was during the pandemic when I decided to try. I learned to overcome my fear and shyness. As of today, I released five songs, including my current release, “To Love You,” in all music platforms. It’s my dream for my songs to be heard by everyone.

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration when you were writing this project?

Released February 3, 2023 I was in my early 20s when I wrote this song, “To Love You”, when I was learning about love and relationship. I got inspired by the experience—realizing and admitting those peculiar yet beautiful emotions that I felt was very humbling. I am truly grateful for all the experiences and lessons I learned from my younger years, including people I’ve met on my journey.

What lessons would you like to impart with your audience?

At the time I wrote this song, I don’t have any long-term vision. All I know is, I am expressing my thoughts and emotions. As I have developed my love for songwriting, I looked back on my younger years and discerned what matters most. What’s my real goal? To touch people’s hearts and to do what I love the most.

I want them to remember being in love, that lovely feeling of choosing and spreading love—romantically, spiritually, or even expressing love for your family. Let’s all be proud of that love! Let’s embrace and enjoy anything that brings us joy and happiness.

What is your favorite part of this body of work?

What I love about this body of work is I can paint a picture through music. Painters have brushes, while I have emotions to express what I feel. The best part is the sense of fulfillment of touching people’s hearts who relates and connects to my song.

What’s next on your journey?

I am truly grateful to all the people who has supported me on this journey—my family, relatives, friends, and our kababayans, indie artist friends and most of all, to God, for all His wonderful blessings.

I am working on the music video of “To Love You” and another single, which is scheduled for release soon.

Thank you so much Asian Music Review for this chance to be featured! Your support is very much appreciated and valued.

Stream Lorelei Manligoy songs here:

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