Nadj Zablan teaches us to keep the faith with “Hanggang Kailan”

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Who comforts you when you feel lost?

Singer-songwriter Nadj Zablan takes his journey to the next level as he releases his new single “Hanggang Kailan”. Adding to his incredible works is this song which he collaborated with his wife.

It was actually supposed to be a reflection song for the Holy Week. It was originally intended to be God’s answer to me from my song “Sabihin.” If the two songs get listened to carefully, you will notice the connection.

“Iniwan kang nag-iisa, nagdurusa,
Sa madilim na sulok at nangangamba,
Naghahanap nagtatanong kung nasaan ka,
Nasaan mga pangakong nawala?
Hanggang Kailan? Hanggang kailan…?”

The song can be taken to different levels of love and the pains of loving, like between parents to a child, love relationships or even having feelings of being left behind.

Nadj really knows how to melt our hearts with his one-of-a-kind composition.

He creates music through his experiences which is why his song translates into something relatable. The message is painful at the beginning but hopeful at the end. The song just blows you away and you can’t help but ponder about your life and your daily struggles.

As Nadj shares his passion for music, he also takes this chance to share his faith in God. Let’s continue to support him as he makes more songs that ultimately speak to us in so many ways.

“Kahit tayo’y napariwara, kandungan Nya’y andito, umasa ka.”

Stream Hanggang Kailan here:

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